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The Sapphire package we offer is a monthly subscription, which costs 300$. It includes an unlimited number of conversations, weekly reports with screen shots of every interaction between our agents and the target, details of our progress and what steps are being taken to ensure optimal results.

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Product Description

This package gives you the option of adding suggestions and / or requests for more information to be extracted from the target during the investigation. Any additional requests should be submitted as fast as possible so that we can work them into the investigation and include the results in your next weekly report. The premium package also gives you 24 hours from the moment you got your final report to send us a request to keep the case open.

We recommend this package for people that need elaborate information, and who already suspect their boyfriend / husband may be lying, cheating, or is seeking an opportunity to do so. For instance, after we’ve established that your boyfriend / husband is willing to cheat on you by having conversations of a sexual nature online, you may want to know just how far he’s willing to go with the lies and the dishonesty. It may take just a week to prove a man is willing to cheat, but if you want to know if he’s just after discrete “kinky talk” online, if he’s looking for an actual physical encounter and what that encounter would entail (ie: dinner, kissing, actual sex) and how far he’s willing to go to get there, we recommend the premium package to achieve optimal results. Remember, the bigger the cheater, the bigger the lies he’s willing to tell his girlfriend / wife to get away with keeping his secret life going.