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The website at the address and (hereafter designated as “the Site”) is edited by Mathias Nizard Company, Sole Proprietorship No. 123456789, headquartered at 167 Dizengoff Avenue TEL AVIV (ISRAEL) – Phone: +972 53 623 0027 (hereafter designated ” the Company”).

The director of the Site is Mr. M. NIZARD, in his capacity as CEO and Chairman of the Company.

The site is hosted by GoDaddy.

The site was designed to provide information and articles of public interest.

Access to the site and its use are subject to the Terms and Conditions below, and all applicable laws. By accessing the Website and browsing, the user accepts without any restriction or reservation all of these Terms and Conditions.

In addition to these Terms and Conditions, users may also be subject to additional Terms of Use specific to certain services which will be communicated to them upon access.


Date of last update : 01/03/2016

  1. Terms of Use

The Site content is protected by Copyright and may only be used in accordance with these Terms and Conditions, the particulars contained in the Site and, if necessary, after prior written consent of the Company.

  1. Absence of contractual commitment

Access to the site can not be regarded as binding the Company to the user, in any capacity whatsoever. The presentation of products, goods and / or services on the Site does not constitute a contractual commitment by the Company or by any other person or entity.

  1. Liability and Warranties

3.1 The Company can not be held liable to any user or third party for any damage that may arise from the use of the Site or information published therein, including incidental or consequential damages or, without this list being exhaustive or limited to the terms contained therein, loss of data, income, turnovers, profits and disputes, actions or claims of third parties, even in cases where the Company has been advised of the possibility of such damage. The User agrees to fully assume the risks related to usage of the Site.

3.2 The Company will endeavor, within reason, to avoid typos, syntax errors, technical inaccuracies, typographical or other (hereinafter referred to “errors”). The Company will not be responsible for any damage resulting from such errors.

3.3 The information published on the Site is provided free of charge and cannot be consider as consultation. The information published cannot be used to force the Company or exempt the User; it is not subject to any warranty, expressed or implied by the Company. The User waives any right to claims, requests to the Company regarding the content of the information published on the Site and its accuracy.

3.4 The information or content of the Site and the Terms of Use may be changed or withdrawn by the Company at any time, without any prior notification.

3.5 The Company does not promise that the activity of the Site may not be interrupted, terminated, protected from computer viruses or malicious content, protected from bugs or technical problems and / or problems limiting or preventing access to the Site or any other problem out of the Company’s control.

3.6 The information and contents of the Site are valid at the date of publication. The Company is not obliged to update the content.

  1. Links

Any links contained in the Site may provide access to servers maintained by third parties. The Company has no control over these servers or the information contained on these sites and can not guarantee that the information contained therein is accurate and relevant to the needs of the user.

The decision to activate the links belongs exclusively to users of the Site. The Company expressly disclaims any responsibility for the contents of websites to which it provides links and can not be responsible for the third party’s sites’ content, it’s accuracy or it’s suitability to the users’ needs.

  1. Personal data

Please refer to Appendix A: Privacy Policy.

  1. Copyright

6.1 All elements of any kind, including but not limited to: still images, animated images, databases, trademarks, illustrations, logos, drawings, models, layouts, downloadable documents, contained on the Site are the exclusive property of the Company and are subject to Israeli and international laws on Copyright and intellectual property.

6.2 These elements remain the exclusive property of the Company, unless otherwise specified. As such, unless prior written consent of the Company, any reproduction, adaptation or partial modification of any item included on the site, by any means, is prohibited.

6.3 No license or any right other than to browse the Site is granted to anyone with regard to intellectual property rights.

  1. Pictures, trademarks and logos

7.1 Images of people, places and/or any other images appearing on the Site are either the property of the Company or used with the permission of copyright holders (hereafter designated “the Images”). No right other than to view the images on the Site is granted to anyone with regard to intellectual property rights, unless otherwise stated with the prior written consent of the Company. Permission to use these images must be requested at the official website, the email address of which is:

7.2 All other trademarks and logos appearing on the site belong to their respective owners. Nothing on the Site shall be construed as granting, expressly or implicitly, any license or right to use any Trademark displayed on the Site without the prior written consent of the Company or the trademark owner.

7.3 The Company intends to fully enforce its intellectual property rights.

  1. Updating the General Conditions

The Company may modify and/or update these Terms at its discretion. The latest provisions are those which apply when the visit the Site, the user is therefore required to consult them regularly.

  1. Applicable law and jurisdiction

The content of this site is governed by Israeli law. Any dispute or litigation directly or indirectly connected to this Site will be under the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the city of TEL AVIV, ISRAEL.

The General Conditions have been translated into English solely for the convenience of the English-speakers users, but in case of dispute, only the Hebrew version will be used for any legal proceedings.

The Hebrew version is available on this link:


Date of last update : 01/03/2016

  1. Protection of Privacy

Anxious to ensure that users protect their personal data and privacy, the Company adopted this Privacy Policy. The Privacy Policy applies to the website (hereinafter designated as “the Site”). The Company undertakes to act in the interests of its clients with discretion and to strictly respect their privacy.

The Privacy Policy does not include information collected offline or online through sources other than the Site.

  1. Site usage statistics

When you visit the Site, certain information such as your Internet protocol address (IP address), Internet service provider, operating system, the service from which you arrived, the page you requested, time and date of your visits, and potentially other site usage statistics will be collected automatically as part of the process of the software web page. This information does not identify you personally, but could provide the Company with statistical information about you. This data allows the Company to analyze the effectiveness of its site, to make improvements to the Site and to potentially optimize the marketing of its products and services. Generally, this information is kept as long as needed to support site improvements and could be shared with our consultants, agents or other third parties.

  1. Cookies

Definition: A cookie is a file placed on the computer of the user of the site and is managed by the Company, which conducted the installation of this cookie. The purpose of cookies is to recognize the computer of a user of the website at its next visit to the Site.

The Site uses cookies to collect information about temporary visitors to the Site. However, all indirectly collected information will only be used to track the quantity, type and configuration of site visits in order to improve the quality of services that the Company provides to its clients.

Each user of the Site accepts cookies to be installed on his computer. However, each user is free to refuse cookies by modifying the configuration settings of their browser.

  1. Personal Information

Each user has the option to voluntarily submit to the Corporation for personal information, including name, telephone number, email address or other information.

The Company will use personal information received on the site and other sources in order to process your inquiries, especially in the context of the service ordered by the user.

Any user data collected by the Site will not be shared with other third parties, unless subject to a request by the judicial or administrative authorities authorized to make this request in the framework of their powers.

  1. Transmission of information to third parties

The Company does not sell or rent your personal information to third parties, and will not do so without your consent. The Company may be required to use the services of outside suppliers, agents, lawyers and / or advisers. The Company requires these third parties to respect the rules of confidentiality and will not use your personal information for purposes other than to carry out his instructions.

The Company is not responsible for the personal information you submit to third parties or any website linked to the Site.

  1. Protection of minors / children

This site is only for legal adults. It is not intended for children under eighteen years old, and the Company will not receive any application and/or personal information of a minor user.

  1. Non-Violence Policy

In compliance with the law, the Site is not intended to harass people, intimidate, incite hatred or violence; publish pornographic and /or violent and /or dangerous content.

  1. Updating the Privacy Policy

The Company may modify and/or update its Privacy Policy at its discretion. The latest provisions are those which apply when the user visit the Site, the user is therefore required to consult them regularly.

  1. Applicable law, jurisdiction

The content of this site is governed by Israeli law. Any disagreement or dispute relating directly or indirectly to this website and / or protection of privacy of users and / or the Privacy Policy, will be under the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the city of TEL AVIV, ISRAEL.

  1. Contact :

The Company is determined to resolve any complaint you may have about your privacy and the collection and use of your personal information. You can send any complaints, comments or questions to email: