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The same smartphone that allows you to let your friends know what you’re up to by updating your Facebook status, or show them what you just had for dinner on Instagram is also the same device that allows you to flirt with someone you just met on Tinder or Ashley Madison and to cheat on your girlfriend or your wife. A smartphone allows you to have cyber-sex on Skype or even have actual sex with a stranger you met on Tinder who happened to share your drunken impulse to have a one-night stand. It’s really no wonder current divorce rates are double what they were during our grandparent’s era. (Source:

Nowadays, the “cheating industry” is so big that it has actually segmented itself into niche markets: some apps allow you to meet strangers in your area, others help you meet people with the same kinks and sexual preferences you have, others help you meet partners that share your religious or political beliefs, etc. for instance, allows you to meet other people who want a faith-based relationship, or is dedicated to helping single conservative republicans meet other singles with the same political affiliations.

But there are countless examples of different dating websites, each specializing in catering to the needs of different niches within the “dating” industry. Some cater to the very small niches, like for instance, which helps people with bondage fetishes meet other singles who share the same fetish. The point is, nowadays, there are dating services that cater to every different niche you could possibly imagine, ranging from the most “classic” type of dating to the most bizarre.

CheatingOrFaithful is a service that was created to help women with this specific problem, and, as the old saying goes, we’re “fighting fire with fire”.
We believe that successful relationships are built on trust and honesty, and that without those two components, most relationships are doomed to fail.  You’re entitled to the truth about your significant other.

If you think your boyfriend or your husband may be hiding things from you, lying about himself or his past or cheating on you, we’re here to make sure you can find out the truth and get the peace of mind you deserve.
You can find out more about how exactly we can make that happen by clicking here and visiting our website.

They say peace of mind is priceless; well here at, we made it both easily accessible and affordable, simply because we think you deserve it.

Welcome to CheatingOrFaithful!