Is your husband lying to you about his affair? Here are four ways you can find out

Cheating or Faithful

Here are four tips by Janine Driver of the Body Language Institute that you can use to help you figure out if your boyfriend or husband is most likely having an affair and lying about it.

1. The way he talks to you:

The way your husband talks can definitely be a sign of lying. You know your husband. You know how he talks. If he’s acting or talking to you in a way that’s different from the way he normally talks or behaves, then there’s a chance he might be lying and / or cheating on you, or at the very least trying to hide something from you, especially if he’s talking in a high pitched voice or faster than usual.

2. What he says when he’s talking to you:

The specific statements he makes can definitely be indications that he’s lying about his affair. Usually, when a man says, “I know you think I’m lying”, what he’s really saying is “yep, I’m totally lying”. If your husband is saying “you may not believe me, but I’m telling the truth”, then chances are, he’s telling the truth. According to Janine Driver, “lying husbands actually tell the truth, cushioned in lies”.

3. Nonverbal communication – his body language can also be a sign of cheating

Janine Driver calls this one the belly button rule.

According to Driver, “when we’re telling the truth and are with people we like, admire, and trust, we face our belly buttons towards them”. So when your husband is lying about his infidelity, he’s more likely to turn away from you, which can be a pretty good indicator that he’s cheating. Apparently, if his belly button is facing the door, it’s because his subconscious is telling him to escape the situation. Driver also says “a shoulder shrug should never accompany a definitive statement”.

Driver says that body language can actually tell you a lot more than actual verbal statements. She also says that if you see your man wrapping his legs around the legs of the chair he’s sitting, it’s actually a sign of restraint, which means your hubby is most likely hiding something from you. Another telltale sign is leaning away from you. If your husband is leaning from you when you question him about infidelity on his part, it’s also a sign he’s most likely having an affair, since our subconscious tends to make us we lean away from things we’re trying to avoid.

4. Does he react emotionally to questions? That can also be a sign of cheating and lying

If when you decide to question your husband about whether or not he’s actually having an affair, if his response is to get angry, defensive, or “overreacts emotionally”, you can take that as an indication he’s up to no good. Apparently, if his response involves a nervous laugh or him trying to turn the situation around on you by making accusations at you, he’s most likely hiding something from you and lying.