10 Signs that Your Man is Cheating on You

You should always trust your gut-if you feel your man might be cheating, most chances he’s probably is. Here are 10 signs you should watch out for and if you want to know for sure, we’ll be happy to land you a helping hand.

  1. His close “relationship” with his phone: He is highly protective of his phone, he takes it with him everywhere, even to bathroom. Not to mention that if you happen to accidentally look at his phone, he does not take it well and appears to be jumpy and irritated.
  2. His phone seems to conveniently “run out of battery” at odd times: He always takes forever to text you back, blaming it on bad WI-FI or his “shitty phone that is not-longer working”, but you already know that the real reason is that   he’s probably conversing with 7 other girls at the same time. Not to mention that he’s battery seems to die quite frequently, much more often than any other phone you have ever encountered, leaving him completely unreachable for a long period of time.
  3. He never has time for you: He always has a reason why now is just not a good time. All of a sudden his work becomes super important and he has to work for endless hours, the “not sure when he’ll be off work” well-known line. Not to mention travel frequently.On top of that there are “his boys”, obviously tonight is a bad time because he just has to hang out with “just the guys” (when he uses that line 2-3 times a week you know that boy is up to no good).
  4. Changes in your sex-life: He stops initiating sex and when you do have sex something feels off. It’s especially noticeable in a long term relationship when you guys are already very familiar with each other and all of a sudden your partner change his sexual habits dramatically.
  5. Commitment issues: He simply can’t commit, neither to you or any future plans, even getting a commitment regarding your plans for the next week is just painfully difficult for him.
    When he does occasionally agrees to a plan, he will most likely backs out later. Finally he had the weird tendency to just fall off the map once in a while.
  6. He’s still on the “hunt”: He comes up on your girl-friend’s Tinder. He has a lot of unsaved numbers in his phone, which you know is code for numbers I don’t want you to know about.
  7. Narcissism: He suddenly becomes really into himself. He takes a lot more trouble over his appearance. He’s going to the gym, he’s lifting weights, showering more often, buying new clothes…
  8. Refusal to communicate: If you do decide to have a calm rational discussion in which you try to express your feelings and concerns and his reaction is to lash out and try to turn the table on you, he is deflecting. Remember may men react in anger when feeling guilty. So if your man try to make you feel insane, insecure or even keep accusing you of cheating, it’s most likely that he’s getting something on side and feel bad about it.
  9. He never stops texting: He is always on his phone, especially late at night. Nowadays we all take our smartphones everywhere, from them they can access to everything and everyone, making them both a blessing and a curse. If you wake up to find your partner on Facebook at 4 am, especially if he’s quick to close his phone and hide his actions, you can be sure it was no innocent chat that he was having.
  10. Unfamiliar people: We all have people we can’t remember on our Facebook, friend-of-friend, old co-workers, people we met while bag-packing throughout Central America, est. However, if you that one of your partner’s “friends” is all over their wall, especially if you have no idea who this person might be, it’s a clear sign they have something to hide and you have something to worry about.